At River Green, our goal is simple –

we want to produce the

best medical and wellness cannabis products

in North America.

Pure & Premium

We are a Health Canada licensed cannabis producer in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
We produce premium cannabis in our purpose built 100,000 sq’ indoor facility with hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems using only air, water and high quality nutrients. Our genetics include 51 premium west coast strains. This combination allows us to have excellent control of growing conditions compared to greenhouse and outdoor, resulting in premium product.

Our Facility

River Green is one of the most unique cultivation facilities in North America. We have been called
‘premium among premium’.


River Green is privately held and locally funded by a number of successful local business people.

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River Green products will be available at licensed locations in the second half of 2020.

Check here in the summer to find out when and where you can find River Green products.


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